How many times a month do you go to the casino?

@tomysole (457)
United States
June 20, 2007 11:51pm CST
I think I might have a slight problem, but I'd like to know your opinion on the matter. I go maybe once or twice a week.
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@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
21 Jun 07 i never go to the casino bcoz in my religion its banned,going casino is wrong act ans so i even dont wish to go to such a place. its chance that some wins but most people more reason that i dont go to casinos is that ,here is no casino in my area even far far way out. people living here even dont know whats a casino.
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@gardengrrl (1445)
• United States
24 Jun 07
I go about eight times a month, but half the time it's for free play or slot tournaments. Problem gambling isn't about how often you go as much as it is, what are you going for? If you see it as entertainment, and are able to set a fixed amount you will lose and no more, and stick to it, you're probably OK. If you go in prepared to lose a certain amount, lose it, then take out more to try and win it back, you're headed for trouble. If you start playing with money you need for other purposes, you're actively in trouble. Yep, this is experience talking. Let me know if you want to talk more, or if I can help. Be well!