if you would give up a chance for immunity what food you rather have???

June 21, 2007 7:09am CST
this discussion must not end...though a lot of girls like peanut butter,i rather have... a box of pizza,must be allmeat, and a liter of ice cold beer. hahahaha!!! what about you guys?
3 responses
• Canada
24 Jun 07
I gotta agree with you on this, meat Pizza, (with extra cheese). Drink however, ice cold Pepsi.
• United States
22 Jun 07
If immunty was on the line it would have to be a good swap, so a swap for ice cream or cheese would be in order for me. Cheese pizza is good too. I love pizza with 3/4 types of cheeses on it so that would work too....no meat nor anything to starchy though....
21 Jun 07
Mine would definitely have to be a big huge tray of gravy and chips from a good ol' traditional English chipshop! I'm addicted to gravy&chips, it's just a shame that there are so few chippy's left these days!