Recruit/Agent/Wedding/Consultant/Manage Trainee,Area Manager/Telemarketing - Job

Janesville, Wisconsin
June 21, 2007 10:56am CST
I know that others here are mylot maybe like me looking for a job they can do.. well I can not do this but I can earn a couple of dollars to referals, and right now I need to earn as many couple of dollars as I can to save my home, so I hope that making this offer here on mylot will help someone get a job here, and help me too. - DNatureofDTrain --------------------------------------------------- If you would like a job opportunity doing this, Please private message me, I could possibly earn a little money for refering you, if you get the job. I would take the job myself but I do not own my own phone services yet. Do not send me resume or information like that. Just email me to find out who you send it to. This job opportunity is open world wide. When you pm me, give me your email address, and I will email it to my boss, and have him contact you. This way I earn credit for refering you, and hopefully you get the job, and do well. Thanks, - Dana C. L. "DNatureofDTrain" ------- This is a description of the position: RECRUITER, AGENT and/or WEDDING CONSULTANT and/or MANAGER TRAINEE and/or AREA MANAGER Our primary focus when we started our company was to represent disc jockeys, karaoke hosts, singers, bands, comedians, magicians, clowns, carnivals, etc. We have expanded and now we represent all types of employers and employable individuals. For helping employers, our recruiters find their staffing needs, collect information about the position, and then forwards the information by Email, to our home office. The home office searches our database for a match. If a match is found, the information about the person(s) who appears to fill the employer needs, is sent to the employer, on behalf of you, our recruiter, with a copy to you. You would receive a call from the employer representative or you might want to call them. If a match is NOT found in our database, the home office then posts the information at various Internet sites, and other media, such as, help wanted classified areas of newspapers and in some cases on radio or television. The home office then sends the information provided by the respondents who match the position, the same as the above process. We also help individuals, seeking employment, better employment, a new city of employment, etc. This individuals hire us to be their agent. We then create an attractive resume for them at our website. This is a "work from your home office" position. You never pay money to us, we pay you! The position offers freedom from a set time schedule which is perfect for persons who may have another job or responsibilities of children, etc. You are expected to take care of the responsibilities of the position, but can do so on your schedule and at your convenience. The home office provides excellant back-up and can continue your business when you are unavailable or want to be unavailable. This is done simply by forwarding calls to the home office, when needed. Agents typically earn from $7 to $50 per hour. This is dependent upon education and/or experience. Income is determined by piece work and commissions due to the fact that we are unable to monitor the time you would be performing. Can be full or part time. You get to pick the hours. It is helpful to have some knowledge of the entertainment industry and sales experience but we are more than happy to train our associates as long as the are willing to follow our proven and successful plan (30+ years of experience in the Biz). There are no age requirements or limitations. Associates MUST enjoy talking with strangers on the telephone. This is a telemarketing position. You must be comfortable calling on schools, companies, and organizations you have not spoken to in the past. We do not sell any services on the first call. We do a survey of needs by asking questions, that the home office will provide to you. Brochures would be sent from our home office, to the persons you speak with. The brochures provide information about the services that would be attractive to the person you have communicated with. You would collect the necessary information to have a contract issued from the home office, between the person you communicated with and the prospect(s). You don't have to know contract law. Our staff does. The entire process is completed in easy to follow steps. We will teach you how to become a successful businessperson. You will have exclusive accounts, which means that all business from your accounts, will generate income for you, often for many years. You will have no one from our company, competing with you. As the business grows, you will be able to add associates to your staff and you will be their manager, if you desire
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