Do you do this with your Toothpaste

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June 21, 2007 11:53am CST
I hate it when my toothpaste gets messy. I still remember when my sister and I were in highschool she usually roll up the lower empty portion, thus makes the pressure or air goes up forcefully making it messy as the upper portion gets bulgy. Consequently, the lid(Cover) on the top portion of the toothpaste(I am talking in a tube presentation), is half open most of the time making the upper toothpaste hardened as being exposed to air. I don't like toothpaste too that are in sachet pack.I thought it is good to bring it while travelling but if you consume a third portion of it and place it in your bag, it will be spilling all ove r your bag...I swear I will never use this again. In fact I left the portion unused in the hotel my sister and I checked in when we were in Singapore. What about you guys...could you share your messy toothpaste experience...???
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