loose a stone in 6 weeks with slimming world

June 21, 2007 4:55pm CST
I cant get enough of slimming world, i absoloutely swear by it!!! its the only thing that has worked for me without having to go to the gym! yes i know it sounds lazy but i know i am guarenteed to loose weight every week even if i dont go to the gym and as long as i stick to the plan 100%. but trust me if you do a bit of exercise each day it speeds up your weight loss a hell of a lot. I have lost 2 stone steadily up to now and can loose another stone before august the 3rd if i follow the plan 100% and then i will be at my goal weight. The reason why i am discussing this is because i am willing to help people get a buzz out of eating anything you want yes thats right anything and everything you want but.......well of course theres a but, you cant just eat what you want when you want all day long or you wont loose weight at all, its what your eating with the food that makes all the difference!!! Soooooo if anyone would like any info or tips on slimming world then i'll be happy to answer peoples questions about it and would defo recomend it to anyone its the best step in my life i took!! it feels fantastic to be in control of my weight instead of it being in control of me!!!
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@emmaoxley (525)
23 Jun 07
Hi - I just responded to your reply on my post about slimming world (thanks :-)) I don't go to a slimming world club, but I do buy the magazines and take recipes from them. I tried this plan for about a month and soon lost heart as I wasn't losing anything - although this is my own fault as I wasn't following 100% and tend to skip breakfast everyday and struggle with lunch ideas as I am a fussy eater. Any advice you could give would be great please :-)
24 Jun 07
awww i would love to give advice on this, the thing is the magazine doesnt give you advice on what you can eat all day you might be making the recipies but it doesnt tell you how much of what food you should eat from the book etc or the knowledge of it etc, basically its better to eat 3 meals a day and evan snacks in between, because you body knows its going to get food then and doesnt start to store fat, plus i do the mix to match days where you dont have to stick to a full green or red day, i might have a red brekfast, a green lunch and a red dinner, but its all about how much you can have of ceratin foods each day. il talk to you more about what you can eat tomos if you like :-)
25 Jun 07
I didn't realise you could mix and match - thought it had to be either red or green day. That could make things easier. Do you go along to a local slimming club?
25 Jun 07
yeah i know when i discovered i could mix to match it made things a hell of a lot easier for me and thats the thing that tends to work best for me to, i go to a slimming world group near to me, i go every week, people who have left and not reached there target weight have endded up coming back to rejoin, im just sticking with it until i get to my target cos after that your a free member anyway