I have just had the most frustrating week, computer problems!

@KatieS (504)
United States
June 21, 2007 7:16pm CST
I spent all day on Monday on the internet, then Tuesday I woke up, tried to sign on and couldn't. I figured it was my computer, 5 yrs old no upgrades, so I got a new one. But the frustration did not end there. I have a new operating system, can't figure it out, can't sign on with my current provider and had to get a different ISP because of it. So it has been expensive. My question to you is who is your ISP and do you ever have problems signing on because your user name and password has been corrupted or because the ISP can't figure out what is wrong?
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@Coolgeth (1215)
• India
22 Jun 07
Hi katieS!! Yes the most annoying thing with the computer is this kind of problems and there is no one to help us..The ISP technical people also dont know exactly the problem is..This was happened to me quite common before an year..My PC is also five years old and now the problem is rectified by the new ISP provider.Somre times it makes trouble but most of the time it is too Fast, NO Interuption quality engineers, low expensive..Good Luck!! Hope you will get good Connection soon..
@KatieS (504)
• United States
22 Jun 07
It was crazy! I had to call the computer tech people because my modem wasn't responding, and can you believe I had to physically unscrew the modem and screw it back again myself. I told him I would have his job pretty soon since now I can take apart computers. But all the time with them then the ISP people, nothing seemed to get acomplished. What do they know anyway?