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@missak (3311)
June 21, 2007 10:59pm CST
Ok, I have dwnloaded my agloco viewbar. How do I earn from it? Can I use Maxthon as my browser? What do I have to configure? Where can I see what I am earning? Do I have to click or something, or just letting things pass by?
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@herrbaggs (1308)
• United States
22 Jun 07
Holey moley, first methphysics then Agloco and on to maxthon, I don't know what to do, my cold empty space is beginng to centrifuge this could be the begining of a black hole. I fear I am doomed. Quick somebody grab my probe and squeeze.
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22 Jun 07
Ooooh, I hope you have a very good antispyware and a very good antivirus, otherwise you'll have to reinstal your operating system every week :|
@sacrg793 (429)
• China
22 Jun 07
no, you just have to install and earn your hours from it. you can see your running hours from logging into the agloco site and you can see at the top of it, the hours of your running agloco viewbar, at the middle you can see your referrals' hours and at the bottom your extended referral's hours. so just collect your referrals and make money from it!
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@Stiletto (4584)
22 Jun 07
I think you just download it and that's it basically. When you start up your pc it then signs you into Agloco and registers how many hours you're online. I don't think you have to do anything else. I also don't think your browser makes any difference as long as your operating system is compatible. I have my doubts about Agloco anyway - I think it's likely to prove a waste of time. Too much hype which is always a bad sign in my experience. However it hasn't cost me anything and I haven't invested any time in getting referrals so if it does turn out to be a white elephant then I've not lost anything because of it.
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@setankuw (95)
• Indonesia
22 Jun 07
according the news of agloco, you only let the toolbar online on your browser and it will earn you money by itself by surfing on every web. i didn't know how exactly they generate the money. we have to try first to see the result. as long as it free, i think its fine to try it
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@lamiaa (581)
• Egypt
16 Oct 07
i didn't know how to use it either , so i unistal it and delete the set up now , now i want to know how , but i can even download it !
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
1 Jul 07
I don't know much but i have read in some discussions that it is a scam.There are no details no points no showing of earnings.I think you should be more careful .
@Paginer2 (156)
• Argentina
25 Jun 07
Hola missak, teniendo la barra ya no tenes que hacer mas nada, solo queda esperar a que esto comienze a funcionar, todavia agloco esta en fase beta pero seguro dentro de poco ganamos dinero.. ojal√°. saludos man
24 Jun 07
I haven't downloaded it yet myself. I would guess that there's a plugin for most browsers and if there isn't, just request it. I'm not actually sure missak but it probably just runs while your browser does. Myself I got put of the idea. ~Joey *Waves