What Would Make Your Life Better?

@terri0824 (4991)
United States
June 21, 2007 11:32pm CST
Let’s start with a basic principle: Everyone wants to make their life better. Ask people what “better” means and they’ll tell you different things, but everyone agrees they want their life to be better. The question is how to make it better! Well, most people will tell you they need more mon.ey to make their life better. Just how much is different for each person, but most will agree they just need more. So what keeps them from making more mo.ney? Well, they’ll tell you they don’t have the mon.ey to start making money. They don’t have the skills to make money. They don’t know how to sell anything, and besides, they hate selling. And, they don’t have the time to make money. They probably also don’t believe they can make more money. They’ve tried before and failed. Maybe they have tried a lot of times and still failed. They just don’t have it in them to try again. Ginny Dye, the founder of My Power Mall, spent many years in the Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing Industry. She was a leader and trainer in her company. Anyone would have called her a success but she walked away from all of it 4 years ago. Why? Because she was tired of watching so many wonderful people try and fail. Do you know that only 3% of people in MLM actually succeed? That means 97% of them FAIL. She simply could no longer introduce people to something and ask them for money, commitment and time – only to watch them fail, drop out and end up discouraged and disillusioned. She walked away and never looked back. During the last 4 years she has worked with a team of 60 amazing people, investing a half million dollars of cash and time, to create a simple system that EVERYONE can succeed with. It’s not your typical MLM. It’s not a typical Affiliate Program. It is simply a brand new concept that will allow the 97% of people who have failed before, finally succeed! Presenting.... MY POWER MALL! - MY POWER MALL really is FR*EE. There’s no cost to you – EVER. - There’s nothing to SELL. All you have to do is shop in any one of 1000 stores on your own personal Mall and buy whatever you and your family need and want. - There is no qualifying to receive your income. When you make it, it’s yours. Pretty simple. - There are no meetings. People already know how to shop! - All tools are FR*EE. You're given everything you need. My Power Mall has created the perfect system that will harness the Power of Online Spending to Change Lives. In fact, that’s their motto. Harnessing the Power of Online Spending to Change Lives! If you are interested in learning more, just go to my profile and click on My Power Mall, and it will give you the full details. If you want to see what the layout of the mall looks like, then click on my website on my profile, Faithfully By Terri. So do you think this program would make your life better?
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• United States
22 Jun 07
Of course money makes life better!! Otherwise you would be seeing homeless people crawling the earth. Making money is the hard part though, but if you look around carefully, there is always some easy way out...I don't mean easy as in becoming rich overnight, but easy in the sense that you only have to be working VERY hard for a short amount of time (less than 5 years) then becoming so rich that you'll never have to ever work again. Now that's the kind of lifestyle that I want to have. All the free time in the world..
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@sacrg793 (429)
• China
22 Jun 07
i have heard of many power mall things, i just don't know how it works. but the question is, i don't like mlm programm, after all, mlm programme itself dosn't make any profit, it's just depend on the members' earnings. at last the top one makes most of the profit and and most of the people could not. so i won't join it.