what is the ideal cat food???what do you give your sweet cat??

@ackars (1942)
June 22, 2007 3:05am CST
I dont have any idea about this.The one at my home gets lots of biscuits and lots of milk.What do you think about the ideal food for cats and what do you prefer giving your cats???
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@scribe1 (1207)
• United States
23 Jun 07
My cats eat Friskies canned food and their favorite is the senior turkey and giblets flavor. They also get dry food, Purina One for Urinary Tract, and plenty of water at all times. My vet recommended the dry food and suggested that I feed the cats the senior canned food. I also change the water dish daily and refill the dry food dish. Any leftover canned food is put in the garbage and the dishes are washed clean, ready for the next morning. So far, everything is working fine and the cats are thriving.
@anij34 (317)
• United States
22 Jun 07
Cats should NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT have cows milk or goats milk or any milk. They are NOT able to digest it as they are Lactose Intolerant. Having said that, cats should have a well balanced meal of things they would naturally get. If you choose to use dry food make sure it has a high level of fat and protein. Cats don't normally eat corn so try to avoid cat foods that contain high levels of corn and wheat. If you choose to give your cat meat, use raw chicken legs or a small mouse. ICKY! But its what they normally eat. I personally give my cats a HIGH QUALITY brand dry cat food. I do give them a little bit of wet cat food once in awhile as a treat but not as a daily meal.
@jade1986 (567)
• India
22 Jun 07
The ideal food for cats is not milk neither biscuits but fish. Give your cat fish and he will enjoy it regardless of the type of the fish. I have kept cats as pet for over 4 generations, and i know very well about every details of the cat. It loves fish the most, then milk...