How to get keyed for Karazan

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June 22, 2007 4:45am CST
What is Karazan? Karazan is the first "raid" instance in BC. It is a 10man raid. The first two piece of your Tier 4 gear drop in this instance. Where do I start? You start outside of the instance with a chain of quests. 1) Arcane Disturbances/Resless Activity - This is the beginning of the chain. Pick up these quests outside of Karazhan from Archmage Alturus. It's in Deadwind Pass(east of Darkshire). This part is soloable. 2) Contact from Dalaran - Fly to a mage in Alterac Mountains 3) Khadgar - You must go to the middle of Shattrath City. He gives you the quest to start the rest of the chain. 4) Entry into Karazhan - You have to run Shadow Layrinth to get the key. The key is located at the last boss. 5) Second and Third Fragments - Here you have to goto Seamvault (in Coilfang Reservoir). The key is located in the water before the first boss. Jump off of the bridge and swim down. The final piece is in Arcatraz. 6) The Master's Touch = This is the final part of the chain. It involves completeing the instance Black Morass in the Caverns of Time. After opening all 18 rifts, talk to the Medivh. He will hand you it.
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23 Jun 07
I hope this provides some insite! I was hoping to be able to paste what was on the page but this website does not allow me because I am not over 500 points yet im only 7 :). I hope it helps. Good luck with Karazhan, glad to see you sticking with the game. I gave up at 65, just got way too bored. Good Luck!