Earth Rules

@sandwedge (1340)
June 22, 2007 11:36am CST
Religions aside but do you think there is a set of rules this world we live in goes by. example, "What goes around , comes around". this is true for those who practice it. if you allow thei other car to exit the junction when you know the person has been stuck there for a long time, someone will return the favor to you later on in the near future. OR if you share your umbrella with a stranger and in the near future some one would do the same. another "earth rules" be if you refuse to deal with a problem, it will keep coming back until you deal with it. you think there is a set of rules that we follow while we still live here on earth?
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@SunDog (108)
• Latvia
23 Jun 07
makes you think why God just not make things happen and not have to go throught the punishment and rewards for us humans. maybe this world we live in is the playground of the gods and there are rules to live by. for example why must Jesus die for our sins and not just say the word and we are made clean. why all the drama? there is a set of rules to go by in this world of ours.
@sandwedge (1340)
• Malaysia
23 Jun 07
now thats a food for thought.