TNA in money trouble

@redfang (969)
June 22, 2007 2:03pm CST
Not too long ago i read that Tna are having some major money troubles so much so that they are making the wrestlers make their own way to the venues, they are not paying for the wrestlers places to stay and they are even stopping as many of the wrestlers as they can from going to other shows when they are not doing anything for Tna, this sounds like a very big problem to me for Tna, as much as i like the brand and like their talent they need to do something to counter the money problem so that they are looking after their talent better and not loosing them to wwe or another brand. One of the things that Tna should really try to do i charge the fans a small entrance fee even if it is $10 a head to each show / taping that would bring them $3000 in each time, not a lot to start with but it would be something and then might help get them move to a place where they can have a larger audience and then bring a larger revenue in, they could also start to push their merchandise a little bit more before and after the shows / tapings, having some more stalls set up around the place would have been a good idea, I have been to a Tna taping in florida and a few of us went we wanted to purchase some murchandise from the night but all we could see available were t-shirts and only one stall for it which had around 30 people around it so we just walked on. I really hope Tna can turn things around as it would be a shame to loose the brand wwe has such a strangle hold on the industry they need another good competiter to go up against like wcw.
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@babostwick (2037)
• United States
22 Jun 07
I don't know if TNA can do that because of regulation with Universal Studios. That's the only thing with that I think could be stopping them on that. I think it was reported somewhere (can't remember or I misread) that TNA isn't losing money and they are paying off there debt. With a company like Panda Energy, it has actually helped them quite a bit. There are some things I'd like to see TNA do like get there own Magazine. That would really help them to be honest and could get there name out some more. I don't think they have one but it would be really nice. They are touring a bit here and there, which is a good thing. I am hoping that it does keep working out for them and they have good turn outs so that maybe one day they could become a serious threat. That's going to take a lot of work. Also, a 2 hour slot would help them seeing how they can spread some stuff out and have a little more breathing room.
@redfang (969)
22 Jun 07
ahhhh i didn't know that about universal so yeah that would stop them charging but as you say a magazine would help imensly and it would be great for them to start doing, i'm a wrestling collector i collect alot of wwe things but i have also started on the tna things since we were in florida and went to the double taping but i also keep the magazines and to have some tna magazines would be wonderful.
@mattyg2k7 (215)
23 Jun 07
i agree this dont look good for tna it allways eems to be the same tho copmpanys think they can rival the wwe and they dont spend there money wisly at the start of the show and it means they dont have a nuth money after a few years in the buisnesss