I swore I was heading into a tornado.

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
June 22, 2007 3:28pm CST
I was driving home after midnight last night and it was very dark. The lightening up ahead was a warning I was headed into storms. The wind picked up rather quickly and as the lightening lit up the sky I saw black all the way to ground. I told the person in the car to find a radio station that worked. I was trying to remain calm. I also told her to grab my cell phone. My eyes still watching the sky ahead of me. I calmly asked her to look at the sky ahead of us when the next lightening hit. My heart was racing so fast. She did as I asked and said oh my gosh what is that going down to the ground from the sky. To me that was the confirmation I needed. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and started frantically looking for my cell phone. She had her eye on what we felt was a tornado. She then said oh my gosh Tricia it is a tree. I looked up and watched the sky again. Sure enough it was a huge tree that just happened to be in the line of the clouds. I could not believe it. Here I thought we were about to be taken over by a tornado and it was a silly old tree. It did still take a while for my heart to go back to a regular heart beat! Have you ever scared yourself like that?
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22 Jun 07
I scare myself like that when I have been watching something scarey on the TV then have to go to bed in the dark so as not to wake my husband. Then everything makes me jump. I am glad you were not actually in a tornado. Apparently we had another one in England last week but ours are only baby ones. It was the longest day yesterday but today the sky was so dark with a storm that I needed my lights on the car at rush hour!