Local or Foreigner?

@gr8life (6252)
June 22, 2007 5:51pm CST
Hi, everyone!This is the most active day for me since I joined mylot. Including this, I have posted three new discussions. Well, I can't sleep as I have so many problems to solve*sigh*It is better for me to spend my time in mylot; reading, posting and responding to discussions here. At least, I can ease the pain*sigh again* But after all the hours, I could only have like less than 10 postings. So amazing of me! By the way, lets go to my new topic. I am a local girl who chose to marry a foreigner. Since the very beginning, life is not a bed of roses to me. I am not talking about my marriage life, mind you...*smile* I am talking about the difficulties to get married to a foreigner in my country. My husband is a Russian guy*wink* (don't ask me where did I meet him...however the answer is 'No, it is not online blind date') From the very first day that we decided to get married, we had difficulties with the local authorities, family and almost everything! But, thanks God that we managed to go through it together. 4 months after I gave birth to my son, my husband had to go back to his country due to some matters. It has been six months since he left and I have been alone here with my small baby. My baby doesn't even have a chance to call him 'Daddy'. Hard to accept at first but again, I managed to go through it patiently. Lucky that I come from a big family and they give me full support and always be there when I need them. My elder sister sacrifices more by helping me to take care of my baby and comes over to my house to accompany me every night (I owe her and my mom my whole life) So apart from the different cultures, languages and attitudes, I believe it is not an easy task to marry a foreigner*smile* I think I have enough problem with the concerned authorities in my country. My husband is a programmer, holds a good job here but still it is so amazingly hard to deal with local authorities regarding his stay here. So may I ask this question : Do you ever think of marrying a foreigner? Share with me your story *sweet smile*
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