the goal: a poverty free south asia

@mrddln (458)
June 22, 2007 7:36pm CST
the region needs an unanswering commitment to create a poverty -free world in which all its citizens would lead a productive life and meaningful citizenship. i was recently in kathmandu. an old friend of mine invited me to join him in his morning walk. as we were walking, i saw the morning sun rise above the himalayas, an incredibly beautifu; sight. someone told me i was watching the rise south asia. I have been an observer of south asia's development scene for several decades. on many occasions, i expressed my frustration to my south asia'n friends at the oppurtunities lost and the promise unfulfilled. things began to changefrom the early 1990's when the region embarked on ambitions reform programmes. the slumbering humanity began to stir. today, the region is a dynamic part of the global economy. almost all the south asian economies are posting robust economic growth. investments are trade are surging ahead.An incresing number of middle class consumers has created a huge market for just every product and service. the world has noticed the oppurtunities in south asia and droves of foreign investors have flocked to its shores.
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