what is the story about?

@kilayko (170)
June 22, 2007 7:48pm CST
the scene the cure about in which two boys face down a trio of taunting bullies.one of the boys has AIDs;the other boy,who earlier in the film had been afraid of catchingthe disease,is now his bestfriend.the newly-enlightened boy lectures the bullies about how the disease could have happened to anyone,and the chastened bullies walk away.you might not be suprised to find such scene in a movie like THE CURE,but you probably would be surprised to find it only twenty minutes into the film.while it is exceptionally well-acted,THE CURE rambles on for far too long without a sense of purpose,like an attempt to stretch an "afterschool special"into a feature film.brad renfro plays as erik,a young loner coping with the absence of his father and an alcoholic mother(diana scarwid).his new neighbor is dexter(joseph mazzello),a boy who constracted the AIDS virus from a blood transfusion,and his mother (annabella sciorra).although erik is initially confrontational,the two boys without any other friends soon develop a close friendship.among the activities they share is an attempt of thier own to find a cure for the fatal disease.to THE CURE's credit,the most important thing about it,the relationship between erik and dexter,is also the best thing about it.thier rapport is genuine and very touching,and complemented by the fine supporting work.the emotional impact of their frienship is THE CURE clumsy and episodic story arc.
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24 Feb 08
The Cure is a great movie. I first watched it in my high school English class. I remember crying my eyes out. I just remember walking out of class with red eyes and a huge headache. The movie is an amazing story about friendship and being there for one another during tough times. The scene where dexter gets off the bus and into his mother's waiting arms got to me. But the best scene that will have you emptying the kleenex box is the erik putting dexter's shoe in the flowing river and watching it float away. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it because theres a message to that.