A musical based on The Lord of the Rings: what do you think?

@eadward (140)
June 22, 2007 9:58pm CST
Has debuted on London, a musical 3 hour, millionnaire production play about Tolkien's the lord of the rings. It costed for about 12,5 million pounds, and is directed by Matthew Warchus. It is a revision of a musical play that starred on the first semester of 2006 in Canada. It is diving the critics' opinions, where some say it is the best adaptation possibly that could be done for Lord of the Rings in a musical. Others, on the other hand, believe the London Season of this revision won't be much long. The director, Warchus, calls the play an hybrid of text, physical theatre, music and spectacle. It has a cast of 50 actors and acrobats, and a wardrobe with 500 pieces of armor. Now, the question: What do YOU think? Would you watch it? Would you watch any theatrical adaptation of the LOTR Novel? How much would you pay for it?
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@Zelmarq (12266)
• Cebu City, Philippines
23 Jun 07
Yes I have seen a quick preview of the Lord of the rings musical and all I can say is that it really is something to watch. They have spent so much from the costumes to the production and even to the sound effects and every thing. How I wish I could se even one night show but I know its really impossible.
@eadward (140)
• Brazil
23 Jun 07
Might be indeed something to watch, but it is impossible for me too. It probably looks great, but I don't believe it would be worthy the money they probably charge for a ticket.
@Katagiri (426)
• Brazil
23 Jun 07
I heard about that. I don't think I would watch it, I don't really like musicals... oh, well... if it was an opera, maybe.
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@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
23 Jun 07
I love lord of the rings but I really don't see it as a musical. I doubt I would bother going to see it. The most recent movies were well done, but even they took some liberties with the books such as the role of arwen beig greatly increased and the hobbits having to trick the ents into attacking isengard when that wasn't the way it was. I really don't think a musical or even a play could do justice to the text.
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• Indonesia
21 Aug 07
is it true? musical version? i don't know.. i just can't imagine it.
• United States
17 Jul 07
Oh wow. A Lord of the Rings musical? Musicals are okay sometimes. I can enjoy them once in a while. But Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite stories. It's ridiculously amazing and passionate. And not to be insulting to musicals, but I don't think that LotR should be made into one. It's too much of a masterpiece to be screwed with that way. The movies turned out really well. They were very true to the books. But I don't think there should be song numbers thrown in when the Wraiths are chasing the hobbits or the orcs are attacking. It would look ridiculous. And sure, "some say it is the best adaptation possibly that could be done for the LotR in a musical." But it's not the best adaptation. It's the best one 'in a musical'. Actually, it's the only one. So what are they all so happy about? I would see it of course. But I don't think it would be any good.
@182680 (59)
• Netherlands
27 Jun 07
When the musical will come to Holland, I will go to that musical if the price of the ticket will be reasonable. I think I will go only if the price stay below 60 euro in Holland, I saw the lowest price in the UK was about 35 pounds, that's 50 euro. I'm looking forward to watch it.