Long Distance Relationship

Saudi Arabia
June 23, 2007 5:27am CST
Many said that being into long distance relationship is HARD. Maybe in the first few months, and it would depend on how mature the relationship is right? Further, things would depend on the partners. How they will handle right? Can you give me some tips or advice how to keep one relationsip like this.
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@maean_19 (4660)
• Philippines
23 Aug 07
I can relate to your discussion and so far can manage and handle things even my boyfriend is far away. You are right and I agree when you say that the first few months is hard, its the toughest actually. You tend to cry in one corner thinking and reminiscing the moments when you were together, recalling the things you share with each other, etc. It's a challenge when your gf/bf is miles away from you, possibilities are, one or both may look for another, temptations is visible,and other synonymous acts. As for me, seven months had passed and I can simply say the relationship is going stronger and stronger, firmer and firmer, lovelier and lovelier. The way I look at it communication, trust and understanding really matters. That keep the relationship growing and living. Trials or temptations may passed away, but when open mindedness appears, such evil thoughts disappears. Finally, as my bf is distant from me, I realized that I love him more and more.
• Italy
24 Jun 07
I don't like long distance relations... i try to have one time and finish in bad mode after 6 months :-( Is very hard have a reĆ²ationship in this condition
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@eadward (140)
• Brazil
23 Jun 07
Don't keep it, that is my advice. Some people need close contact, and WILL have that close contact with someone else if you can't be close to them when they want. I wouldn't risk it. If you can manage to see the person at least once a month, on the other hand, it might be possible.
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@jene1985 (227)
• Australia
23 Jun 07
well in my experience it doesnt work but thats my opion ihink alot of it ecspecially whenit is new love is just the loniness when you cant see each other
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