The power of 10 X

United States
June 23, 2007 11:40am CST
When involved in a situation where the interaction is egregious, compounded by dereliction and false accusations are used to gain convictions of the innocent. What power would you use to correct the problem, at first I thought this is a maximum issue when a person violates another person and there is no reason for this behavior. So at first I asked for a maximum penalty to be imposed by the court, the case was dismissed... Then I just wanted to clear my name of the false accusations, the case was totally botched. All the contacting of the right people to insure a fair trial was futile. Next as a result of cascading events I file a suit but for how much? $8,000 in the first dismissed case x 10 would only be $80,000 and for what I suffered that clearly wasn't enough, having a gun put to my head and being forced medications based on more false accusations, well $80,000 x 10 is $800,000 that sounds better but you know if the case is heard and the judge wants to cut the police a little slack then the diminished effects less the attorney's fees would bring me back to nearly zero for all that I went through so lets multiply by 10 again, $8,000,000 dollars now we're talking. The Church leaders that turned against me the doctors that would hurt me, the time I would lose spent away from my family, all these things are sufferings. Emotional harm by allowing a lie to fully develop. The maturity of what was once so small could be exposed full grown by a factor of 10 again. If I proceed, I would have no problem asking for $80,000,000 ($80 million)...
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