Who was the hardest Organization XIII member?

June 23, 2007 11:41am CST
Who do you think was the hardest member in Organization XIII to beat? Personally, me and my sister thought it was Demyx even though he was supposedly the hardest. It took me and my sis around a month and 3 weeks to beat the jerk! But we didn't mind! We got to make fun of his hair, which I love! But seriously, Xemnas was easier than Demyx! What do you think?
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@Shareaza (315)
• Sweden
18 Jul 07
Hoof, i remember i thought the guitar dude was the hardest one. What's his name?
18 Jul 07
its Demyx lol
@Shareaza (315)
• Sweden
18 Jul 07
Thanks :) Demyx then.
@vastari (331)
• Ireland
8 Jul 07
Hmm...tough question. For me it was either Demyx, Xaldin or Xigbar. Seeing as the question implies choosing only one..I'll have to go with Xaldin. I could not get my head around the reaction commands, and he was so very very fast with those lances. If it hadn't been for King Mickey, I'd never have beaten him!
9 Jul 07
you are rigth lol
26 Feb 11
yeah it's Demyx! I hate it when he goes all big wave! After a while i get mad and just start rolling away from him. Now that i play this game like five times it is much easier.
@carbajosa (146)
• Philippines
21 Jul 10
If it is Final mix, then I'd go for Xemnas' Data Battle and Larxene's Data for the LV1 Challenge. But for the normal ones, I'd go for Demyx.
@OR3OsBOD (31)
• United States
14 Jul 09
demyx, definetly you have to fight him more than once and he gets way harder everytime. well i was addicted to the game so i wouldnt stop till i beat him. Well the game took me 4 days to beat. But i played non stop. i think i was about 40 hours of game play in four days thats, 40/96
@henman3 (42)
• United States
11 May 09
I'm trying to remember ... I don't think I could pass Xigbar for a while, Demyx was annoying too. Xemnas, dissapointedly, did not impress me.
• Philippines
8 Sep 07
For me, Larxene is the hardest... i always end killing myself by touching her.. geeezz... how i wish to be an org. member
@Sushicook (690)
• Sweden
2 Jul 07
Demyx was definitly the hardest one! I didn't have a lot of problems with Xaldin (who so many say is really difficult) but Demyx... And just like animejosse said, Xemnas was only annoying because Riku's so slow. .___.
@MagusX (1099)
• Brazil
26 Jun 07
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