Which of their powers do you like most?

June 24, 2007 2:30am CST
I love Paige's abilities. She probably has less limitations than Phoebe's and Piper's. She can get things easily, heal the wounded and orb form one place to another. She's also makes the best spell among the sisters ;P
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• Philippines
15 Aug 07
piper's powers rock! i like orbing too, and of course healing. phoebe's power of premonition is scary. that's all! :)
@marcialoyd (1174)
• United States
4 Aug 07
My favorite power on the show is Pipers freezing power as well. Its the power I wish I could have! Then I would freeze time and never be late for work again! The orbing power is cool to. If only you wanted to go to Paris France and be there in the blink of an eye. No expensive plane tickets anymore!
• United States
15 Jul 07
i dont kno i like pagie's power's but i also like piper's power as well. i just wish that i could not only freze people but time as well
• Australia
5 Jul 07
Hmmm....I like Piper's ability to freeze time. I also reckon Prue's telekineses would be pretty cool too. And also Phoebe's premonitions...being able to see things before they happened would be pretty good.
• United States
28 Jun 07
personally i prefer prue's powers i think it would be so cool to be able to move things with your mind. however i would like to have all powers without the personal gain rule because that just ruins the fun lol. i think that the power to freeze, explode, and levitate are all really cool powers. it'd be cool to have someone with all the powers like a mega witch or something.
@mugzy528 (800)
• United States
24 Jun 07
I Like Pipers Power to Freeze anything. Believe me if I had that Power I could have loads of Fun with it. lol