What do you do with your love one when you find out He or She SNORES?

Im just crazy enough to wake him up! - Making noise ,playing the guitar, loud..
@lilyruth (724)
United States
June 24, 2007 3:22am CST
Tell me this is a very interesting and curious question. You have been going out with this special person and then when you finally sleep with him or her you find out they snore, Wow what a drag! Tell me what do you do put a pillow over your ears! go sleep in another room? wake him up? What? and does this change things, I mean keep in mind you might have to sleep next to this snoring person for the rest of your life, with me it would only take one night then Im gone, unless I can find a cure for snoring.LOL SO ladies and gentleman ( ladies snore too,) tell me Im curious to know WHAT would yu all do?
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• Philippines
24 Jun 07
well, i think the cause of snoring is stress and if ur really tired, they snore..if you truly love the person who snore..take a risk, i wont change for the person i love.. get used to it,.=)
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@lilyruth (724)
• United States
25 Aug 07
Very good response love takes care of all, even snoring. Gave you a big +