PBB WENDY and the politics of friendship and activity.

June 24, 2007 8:40am CST
There is no shame in poverty, nor in having a checkered past."Ang nakakahiya ay ang ipangalandakang mas karapat dapat kang bigyan ng pang-unawa at awa - ". Thats the one demeanor or character has to be given consideration more than the "more previliged" others just coz you are poor or have suffered from the past. It is in cases like this that we are actually given a precious insight on who is taking advantage of their own poverty; milking their own misfortunes like its anybody's fault. PBB to my mind, is not a charitable institution. "Kung ganun pala ang batayan" from the very start, all priviliged/rich candidates should be eleminated right away. A daily telenivela like PBB should showcase strength of character, positive values, sincerity and maybe an essence of growth during their stay in the big brother house. Might as well has a possitive sociological impact if people are made to view them on a daily basis for 4 month or so. Otherwise it will be a lame exercise of consented voyeurism. Stop the word "magpakatotoo ka" deals. "yung babastusin mo na lahat" come hell and high water, coz "nagpakatotoo ka lang naman". We are beings of reason - beings of civility, here we can show our breeding. And breeding should never be translated to incerity! You dont mean to demean people just because "nagpakatotoo ka" There are thing in life that are painful to accept doesnt necessarily mean we have to lash out on people just because we are in pain. Thats the difference of human and animal. We have been bless with logical and reasoning and the capability to control ourself, our actions that separate us from mere animals. Wendy felt hurt because gee-an nominated her despite the latters pronouncements that she considers wendy her big sister and that "you cant nominate big sister" because if you do you are a lying, insincere bunch, o 'crap; then see wendy strongly stand for her own desicion to nominate her own best friend bodie. Talk about double standard, "pwedeng gawin nya, pero di pwedeng gawin sa kanya?" The rule of friendship apply only for her own sake! And yet what a crap it is to find her yet again back in the big brother house - for the third time! If that is not a travesty of the peoples decision and money to keep bringing her back inside the house when obviously she has been VOTED OUT! And yeah, Forgive the invective, but once and for all - kick the b***h out! (or forget the nationwide texting altogether if the will of the people isnt respected)
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• Philippines
30 Jun 07
Its not the will of the people naman talaga ang magdedetermine ng results. Its the number of votes or say, texted votes that will,di ba? Di naman ito ung one vote-per-individual thing, otherwise sana ginawa ito with ballots. So what if, somebody who is moneyed enough to throw millions of votes to a contestant, what happens to the other votes? And Wendy, who are you para hindi saktan or masaktan? You should not have joined that contest on the first place if you cannot stand being judged. And the most disgusting part is that, what is the purpose of even showing to the televiewers your graduation rites only to behave like an immature, and unprofessional and let you get away with it? PBB-what a waste of time and money. Pinuyat nyo lang kami.
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2 Jul 07
thanks guys anyways the thing is already done. we have a big winner already. But still I hate wendy, nevertheless congrats to beatriz,, I knew it that she will win. congrats bea!
• Philippines
5 Jul 07
Ano kamo, Wendy, wag idamay ang pamilya mo sa galit ng tao sayo? Naisip mo ba yan nung mga oras na nagiinarte ka sa harap ng kamera nung kasalukuyang tinatarantado mo ang mga kasamahan mo at sarili mo lang ang iniintindi mo at wala kang pakialam sa sakit na nararamdaman ng mga pamilya nila? At sino naman ang nagsasabing masamang tao ka?Ang sabi- wala kang breeding at mukhang proud ka pa sa kawalan mo nito. So' you"re sorry- who cares? The damage has been done. DI NAMIN KAILANGAN ANG SORRY. We need a break from you! So, if we forgive you-- will you promise to go away? Nagkakasore eyes kami pag nakikita ka namin sa tv. We' re supposed to feel relaxed and entertained when we turn on our tv sets. Wendy, give us a break... DISAPPEAR PLEASE.