The Rise of Socialism...

United States
June 24, 2007 9:32am CST
...and why it will never work Almost every civilized nation on the planet employs some form of socialism in its government. Socialism might even be a great form of government...if everything was free. The problem facing socialism is that goods and services cost money. At some point, the cost of providing these goods and services will cost more than the programs are taking in as the number of people paying into the programs becomes less. Socialism also weakens the incentive to work and be creative. Over time, the quality of goods and services will diminish as does the pool of talented labor willing to produce the goods and services. If there's no incentive to work, then, why work.
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• Philippines
2 Oct 07
socialism is good kind of system..well infact, what happens today is the last stage of capitalism wherein monoply arises. thus the next stage of this is the socialism. this stage os society will abolished the exploitative power of a capitalist and giving time to workers to socialized with other.
@steve9737 (918)
• Colombia
27 Jun 07
I live in a south America country and since all the countries are turning to communist on nowadays, I am afraid that my country would some day turn to the communist, and I would lost all my freedom, I think it just make the economic goes down, Venezuela that is a good example , their economic were grown before they turn to communist and now they have a lot of problems nowadays, I have heard that in cuba the people every day work less and some don't go to work because anyway they will not earn much, I think the communist kill the creative work, and it is just useful if you want to live depending of the government for all.