we are ok!

@stacyv81 (5904)
United States
June 24, 2007 12:31pm CST
For those of you who knew from some of my previous posts that me and my guy were having some problems, well we finally sat down together and had about an hour conversation and communicated! We told each other what we wanted from here on out and what was and wasnt acceptable on each side, and we hashed it out! Our problems are now resolved and we are going to work it out, we are even talking about marriage now! =)
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• India
25 Jun 07
Hi stacyv81! Communication is very essential in any relationship. We lose so many good things in life because we don't communicate.Communication and Compromise are two essential c's required for a successful relationship. All the very Best.
25 Jun 07
I'm glad to hear, I had to read the first to make sure I was with this, as I got them in a different order. Your avaters funky btw ;) ~Joey Chin up, still :)
@Shaun72 (15965)
• Palatka, Florida
24 Jun 07
aww that sounds so sweet. Yeah talking problems out with each other usally helps a lot as long as you know that your partner isn't lying.
@maddysmommy (16232)
• United States
24 Jun 07
Happy to hear everything is ok with you both ;)
@golfproo (1841)
• Canada
24 Jun 07
That is great. Good communication is the key to any relationship working. I wish my ex wife and I had been able to communicate so well. Always keep those lines of communication open is my advice. :) cheers,
@wolfie34 (26789)
• United Kingdom
24 Jun 07
Wow, that's great my friend, so many relationships break down due to lack of communication, when one person cannot relay their thoughts or problems to the other, so many close down and can't feel able to share their feelings that it causes a major rift in the relationship. By being able to be open and honest about things and setting aside valuable time to discuss you have sorted stuff out and your relationship becomes much stronger through it!