Amy Whinehouse really needs rehab!!

United States
June 24, 2007 7:01pm CST
I heard on the British news that Amy Whinehouse really do have drug problems and have been sighted attacking a fan for snapping pictures of her. It was also said that her husband tried countless times to try and get into rehab.
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• United States
25 Jun 07
Wow, and I am an Amy Winehouse fan. She does seem like the type to do what she wants. But that is unfortunate news. It seems every famous person is either in jail or rehab of some sort.
5 Oct 07
i think amy whinehouse is one of the best singers of this generation, as for the rehab she is trying to break away from that area of her life but the pressure you are under in those celebrity circles the paparazi and so on must be very intense and there are people with none of that pressure that get in to worse situations tha amy has, and its more a case of choosing your friends and aqantences, boyfriends ect but who are we to judge we are all imperfect and all have that potential to mess up some more than others, and how we are brought up by our parents can have a lot to do with how we turn out, but yes its true that recently there seems to be more celebs in out of jail or rehab, must go but hope to comment soon as im off to an amy whinehouse gig in nov in brighton 07 let you know how it goes