- Would u call this cheating by them ?

June 24, 2007 11:29pm CST
Ok, we all kno w abt this site. Its one of the best paid to click site, and even if i have not upgraded there, but I have heard enough of it, and I know i am misisng some easy dollars there by not geting upgraded! However, I would like to tell u an iciedent. One of my friend asked me abt this site. HE said that he was think abt geting upgraded to premium membr, and he asked for my advice. Although, I am not a premium member, but still, I had heard a lot abt the site, and I as sure that the site is god enough, and that the upgradation is owrth every peny spent on it. So, I asked my freind that he should go for it and that he wll egt acess to 500 + ads immdediately as he upgrades. Thats is what I saw writen there n the site - mor tha 500 ads are available for prmium members. Some he upgraded , and later he tole me tht he got only 180 ads and not 500, as told by me. I aklsed him to be patient, and I knoe that he wil get many ads now, and will eaily make to the $10 payout mark, but still, I felt that the site should not post such highlighted messages, if they cant deliver. I would'nt had mind if he has got evn 400-450 ads, a few short would had been fine. But there is a lot of difference between 180 and 500, isn't it ? And this is from on of the best PTC, the one who has stongest godwill in the PTC owrld, so dont u hink the should be mre rsponsable while showing those kind of tempoting messages? Or is that only US ppl gets 500 ads? MAy be i missed out something there... not sure, but honeslty, I think this is not fair - tas i said - 180 and 500 , there is a lot of difference btwe them, right ? Your comments pls....
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@lingli_78 (12834)
• Australia
26 Jun 07
i join clixsense about 2 weeks ago and i haven't upgrade my membership yet... so i don't know what is really happening with your friends... if they say that they are going to give 500 adds for premium member, then they have to be able to deliver their promise... otherwise, yes i will think that they are cheating...
@gsnarayanan (1704)
• India
25 Jun 07
Although I joined the site few months ago, I do not want to join the premium account. we should noet expect big money from such sites.