Religion Vs. Evolution

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June 25, 2007 1:56am CST
I've been thinking alot lately about what's going to happen to me when I die, bad thoughts that shouldn't arize at 20. However, I was just pondering what are you're thoughts on death? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Am I weird to be thinking about what happens when I die, am I too young. On another note, do you worry about what will happen to you're children and family memebers when and if something happens to you? Please enlighten me on this, all answers welcome.
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@rbhdigit (15)
• United States
26 Jun 07
You're definitely not weird. I know, first-hand, how difficult this subject is, becuase, I went through the same thing. You can't seperate religion and science. You have to find a way to meld the two. There's too much to explain in one posting. So, I'll say this. You can't get something from nothing. Science has traced down the Big Bang to within a fraction of second after the intitial explosion that created the known universe. In order to explain the events before the Big Bang physics must have some equation that can produce something from nothing. All the energy and matter that created the universe had to come from somewhere. Where? That's where religion and faith come in. There is something a lot bigger out there than just the universe or the universe would never have been created. "In the beginning the earth void and without form"..."..."and God said let there be light and there was light". Could that be a 2000 year old description of the Big Bang? Maybe. There's an old philosphical debate that argues it's safer to believe in a god and heaven than to not. If you don't believe in a god and heaven and there is one then you could go to hell. If you believe in god and heaven then you don't lose either way. Whatever your final decision is, you must believe. People who sit around and worry and debate amongst themselves never accomplish anything. Believe. If that's all you ever do, believe.