Have You Ever Played A Game That You Couldn't Figure Out?

June 25, 2007 2:03am CST
I used to attend a lot of get-togethers years ago, that often involved party games. The people present were 'young adults,' and these games were all 'PG rated,' but we had a lot of fun. Several of them, were 'thinking games,' where we had to figure out the solution. One in particular was called 'the scissors game' and was quite amusing, when we 'caught on to it.' Everyone sat around on chairs in a big circle. A pair of scissors was passed from person to person, and each person had a choice, as to whether the scissors were closed or open. As you received the scissors you had to say, "I'm receiving the scissors crossed (or uncrossed if closed), and am passing them crossed (or uncrossed)." The choice was up to you. The game was over when everyone knew 'the trick' to this. Have you ever played this game? If not, 'YOU'LL KICK YOURSELF' when you hear the solution. Please tell us what you think the object of the game is? Do you know any other games of this type, that are 'puzzlers?'
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