poverty assessment of the sri lankan people

@mrddln (458)
June 25, 2007 5:32am CST
the problem of poverty in sri lanka is multidimensional. it is a rural phenomenon.more thatn 85 percent of the population of the nearly 20 million lives in the villages and a quarter of them are living in absolute poverty, earning less thatn a dollar a day. despite measures to improve rural living standards-including land grats , irrigation water, agriculture externsion services, fertilizer subsidies, and guaranted minimum price for rice-rural poverty persist. take muthubanda for example. his rice crop has failed this year due to bad weather at a time when we was already heavily in debt because of the fertilizer, labor and tractor charges he had incurred this season. there will be little money left for the family. on 2003, the government showed an interest in eliminating restrictions on land granted in the past 70 years. a land ownship bill, aimed at giving freehold titles to these lands, was proposed as part as part of the government poverty reduction strategy. for you what could be another solution to the problem wuth regards to the sri lankan poverty.
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