is rahman .. an evergreen music director??????

June 25, 2007 6:12am CST
is rahman ... an evergreen music director????????? i think no body can beat him in music ... wats ur opinion. its true or false.??????//
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• China
3 Sep 07
ofcourse rahman is evergreen music director. yes nobody can beat him
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@sathishss (274)
• India
18 Feb 10
hai frnd.. whats doubt in this, no body can music like him. he is wonderful man too. iam proud to be an tamilan as well as indian. i like ar rahman. " ella pukalum irraivanuke " good luck
@sajuman (1854)
• India
2 Apr 09
true.. A R rahman, the asian mozart..i love him very much ..i love his music and also his personality..Wonderful..No other great musicians,actors etc who have this much good quality in life..There is no need to talk about his music.It is well known..
@luckyoo7 (94)
• India
29 Feb 08
For this generation I think Rahman is an evergreen music director.
@jithinsb (520)
• India
28 Feb 08
I don't have any words when it comes to music by ARR.He is really the god of indian music. From roja to jodha akbar ,we can really feel the real essence of music that has been given life by the maestro. He is the only music director who has given a new dimension for the indian music and now indian music is known iin many countries just because of him.At first no one would have thought that he is going to rewrite the history of indian music industry. Whenever i listen to his songs,i never feel it incomplete.There will always be something that will always keep the song alive.There will always be a immaculate mix of instruments and interludes that will always keep us awake to listen the song. Never have i found his any song to be void in any part of the entire song.there will always be some sort of music i every frame,it may not be that much audible either,but there will be some sort of music in the background.To my astonishment,that feeble music will also be very good and very soothing.He can very well use those kind of musics to form even the main tune of another new song,but he won't do that..that is his quality..he is always extravagant with music. He is a music director who always keep on experimenting with the music,not just following the contemporary kind of music.He will give new dimension to the music that he is creating.He knows where and what sound should come and at what intensity.That is just amazing. You can find versatility in him is abundant.You can find his release vary from lagaan,a periodic to boys,a modern film.From classical to western,from hindustani to hip hop.. he is just amazing. And when he joins hand with great directors like mani rathnam,shankar,om prakash,shyam benegal etc and with big banners his music quality and the freshness improves.He always keep his best for such league of directors,whether the film is flop or a hit,the music is always going to rock. And i am sure that no one in india is even near to compare with his mastery over music and no one is ever going to beat him.They may have hits and superhits,but never ever will they have Rahmanic hits...
@kvr0205 (40)
• India
13 Dec 07
It takes more time for rahman to reach that evergreen postion,, but the fact is he will do it...
• India
13 Dec 07
its impossible not to fall in love with arr music.keep on rokking ar.
• India
12 Nov 07
Yupe he is an excellent music director... his songs...his music are different and are refreshing everytime.. u look at any movie.. whether Bombay,lagaan,kisna,taal,rang de basanti and manny manny more.. The music of these movies has been world class... No match for it..... U just dance on his tunes... Salute to the great AR Rahman
• India
4 Nov 07
Definitely he is an evergreen musician. The various songs composed by him are simply melodious.
@iamsree (441)
• India
1 Oct 07
yeah rehman rocks!!!!.....i like listening to music by rehman,but i think in his earlier stage he used to copy some bets and music form foreign artists for example the final beat in mukkala mukabala is originally from a MC Hammer song.And chikku bikku chikku bikku raile is originally an arbic song by Khaled (DIDI fame). whatever AR is absoloutely amzing musical prodigy....
• India
25 Sep 07
yes.... its true...
@sajuman (1854)
• India
29 Aug 07
Ar rahman-the legendary music player,the asian mozart.He is an evergreen music composer.He is the greatest musician in india,and now he stepped towards world level.Now ar rahman's music reaches up to the lord of rings latest release.His latest music from tamil movie sivaji also became a hit.He also released 3 albums-pray for me brother,Ek mohabbath and jan gan man.He is the eklavya in indian music world.His first album vande mataram has the record of largest selling album in india.
28 Aug 07
yes its absolutely true.rahman is an evergreen music director.he admire his life for one in the world will beat his music.he is the best of all music directors in the world.his music make him to remember for hundreds of years.he is a diamond from india and crown to music....
• India
9 Aug 07
ya I too agree with you.not only his film music but also his album s good.I love his PRAY FOR ME BROTHER song. His latest release Sivaji s awesome.I'm expecting his new release ATM
@honolulu (82)
• India
5 Jul 07
its realy too accpet u see the flim which was directed(music) recently in tamil.its realy superb.the songs in that flim are unbeatable.just hear that songs.
@Serjas (2328)
• India
1 Jul 07
i love his music and i m a diehard fan. i have almost all songs composed by him.i lkie all songs of favourite song is "dil se re " from dil se. i am a diehard ar rahman fan. his latest films are -Rajani starrer "Sivaji" -hrithik starrer "Akbar Jodha" -shekar kapurs "Mr India2" -shekar kapure's "Elezabath2" -raj kumar santhoshi's salmaan starrer "london dreams" -maniratnam's aamir starrer "lajjo" -subhash gahi's untitled