Has anybody noticed something about the "popular" people at their schools?

United States
June 25, 2007 10:47am CST
I was wondering if it was like this everywhere, but at my school, all of the "popular" people are annoying. They think they own the school. They also have a vision where everybody envies them (which is completely false). The sad part is that a lot of the faculty members get to know them (because they talk so much or constantly get in trouble). At the awards ceremony, all of the awards chosen by teachers were for justified reasons. The people really did do well or put forth great effort. The awards chosen by the principal (for best attitude and that stuff) all went to kids who spend a lot of time at ISS (In school suspension). Is this just my school, or is it like this everywhere? PS I live in the suburbs of Rochester (yes, it has the most violence per capita or something like that...) This makes a lot of people who grew up in the city think they are gangsters...
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
25 Jun 07
Yeh, i remember those days. I learned early on that whatyou were in highschool was going to mean squat in the real world. Of the "popular" kids i knew, one was aressted and convicted as an adult for attempted ban robbery with a butter knife to support a coke habbit. I've seen several working the checkout at walmart, 2 at McDonalds. I know of 2 of them that were convicted of welfare fraud. AND not one of them ever became famous. Poetic justice.
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@wefwet (8)
• United States
26 Jun 07
I have noticed that also! people think that just because they wear expensive clothes they are better than everybody else. Dont they realize that there is more to a person? I grew up with 4 friends who I would never be friends with if I hadnt known them before kindergarten. 2 are skaters, and 2 are jocks. the rest of my friends at school I have made through band, accelerated classes, and study halls. Most of my friends arent very high on this social scale, but then again, why should I not be friends with them? Because somebody decided that they were "cool"? I dont even know what that word means anymore!