Public Mass Transit--- how important is it?

United States
June 25, 2007 11:46am CST
We know that it helps the environment as people use less fuel to get places, since it is a shared expense at that point, but-- Even if we were not in situation with greehouse gas emissions, and eventual depletion of the oil deposits, how important is mass transit to a city or to a society to prosper?
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
13 Oct 07
Not everyone can drive or afford cars. Taxis are very expensive, and not everyone lives close to their work. I wish they had not gotten rid of the trams. They were quite efficient and did not need gas or diesel fuel as much as the regular buses. As for being a shared expenses, when I used to take the bus, I paid myself, no one else shared the fare and I would not like to see a poor person having to contribute to something. I do believe that the elderly and students should get discounted rates though.
@icon_001 (586)
• India
21 Sep 07
I feel we should make our best efforts to make more and more people use Public Transport and leave behind their own vehicles ;or use them the least. But that requires very efficient Public System-Be it Metro Trains , Public Buses,Trams,Monorails etc .