Are there any decent ptp sites?

June 25, 2007 3:31pm CST
Hi, i'm looking for a decent ptp site. I'm a member of most ptr, survey sites etc, and i'm making a small amount from them. When i tried recently was paid per click advertising, where i got paid for every visitor who made a click on a page. But unfortunately i didnt realise that i wasnt allowed to incentivize clicks. Now though i'm looking for a ptp site, or a per per click site that will pay me a suitable amount and still allow incentivized clicks. I've looked at a lot of the ptp sites around and the best one i could find was offering $5.80 for 1000 clicks. If you know of any such sites like this that ay a nice amount. Can you please post them, i will be more than happy to signup through a refferal link if the site is good.
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