Are There Any Other Fellow Rotarians Out There?

June 25, 2007 5:59pm CST
Hi,I'm a member of my local Rotary Club and all Rotary Clubs all over the world belong to Rotary International. Rotarians, as members are known, gather together to serve the needs of their local communities and the wider world. It's entirely voluntary and we give of our services freely to raise money for local charities and other worthy causes internationally. Rotary was actually started by an American in the 1930's but now there are clubs, in most towns, throughout the world. I am a new member of Rotary. I was invited to join by the President of our club when I visited them to give a talk on my medical condition: Myasthenia Gravis. Because I was a former National Health Service (UK) professional I was considered suitable to join. Generally you have to be in business or have formerly been in a business or profession of some sort to be invited. Once invited you can attend a few meetings and get to know the members and they you before you make a formal application to join. Then the members decide if they would like you to join their club. It sounds very formal but in reality, Rotarians are usually a very friendly bunch of people. Most people believe that Rotary is only for men but there is now an Equal Opportunites policy, so women can be invited to join as well. Female partners of male Rotarians have the option to join 'Inner Wheel' which also raises money for charities. I am very proud to be a member of Rotary and Rotary International and I wear my badge with pride. I hope there are some fellow Rotarians out there who can share my interest. I would have like to have uploaded a photo of me receiving my badge on my induction day but unfortunately my computer has crashed and I am using my partners. I hope to have my own back soon and then I can retrieve my photo and upload it then.
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@onedollar (781)
• Belgium
30 Sep 07
I always tought it was some sort of elitist club invitation only or so. I know about the projects they support but I thought is was just a way to do networking. Thank you for giving me some additional info, by the way what's Myasthenia Gravis?
30 Sep 07
Hello onedollar, A lot of people think it's a secret society of the 'roll your trouser leg up' variety, others think it is only for men but in reality it's neither. It's an organisation made up of business men and women who want to use their business acumen to help their local communities or the wider world. Usually each club has a cross section of businesses represented, some people are retired from business but usually only one business is represented in a club. That way you get a good cross section of experiences. Last year my local club raised over £10,000 (around $20,000) for local charities. This year we are holding an Auction of Promises and hope to make even more. We also support the building of wells in Kenya and educational facilities in India. I think I've posted on here about Myasthenia Gravis. I'll check and let you know where it is. Thanks for your interest!
25 Jun 07
Hey, I am not actually a member of the rotarians but we do host the meetings at a sports club in Glasgow. Unfortunately it is not as possible as could be but they often have poeple in to speak to them and they thoroughly enjoy it. They do all sorts for the community and I think it is a spledid idea!
26 Jun 07
Hi killahclaire, Thanks for your reply. Would that be the Rotary Club of Glasgow that meets in your Sports Club? We usually meet once a week for lunch in a local hotel. Perhaps they can only meet in the evenings? People often do not realise how much we do for our local communities. My club raised £10,000 last year which will distributed to needy causes. We also support a variety of competitions for the young such as Young Chef of the Year, Young Musician of the Year etc. Another thing I think is sad, is that we are viewed as some sort of secret cult. I can promise you I never had to roll up my trouser legs once! If you can stomach a photo of me (!) you can see my Induction Ceremony at Thanks again and best wishes.