Air Canada adds Pets to 'No-fly' list

@breepeace (3022)
June 25, 2007 7:10pm CST Air Canada continues to demonstrate how much it cares about it's passengers, last year they decided pets would not be allowed in the cabin, and now they've announced that as of July 15th, pets will be BANNED from flying with Air Canada. I've always disliked Air Canada, they aren't friendly, they are more expensive than other carriers and their employees seem more inept than I feel comfortable with, but this has taken them to a whole new level of stupid and unreasonable. Most people with animals that I know refuse to fly Air Canada, just because they've never been pet-friendly, I've always flown myself and my 'precious cargo' on Westjet and have never had a problem. The last time I flew with a dog, they even kept her inside the air-conditioned warehouse until the bitter end, just so she wouldn't be left on the hot tarmac in her crate, and the 2 baggage handlers that were on were extra careful with her – one even leaned forward to accept a kiss on his nose from through the crate bars.
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