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June 25, 2007 11:20pm CST
How Blood pressure increases ??
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• India
15 Oct 07
One of the primary reasons for an increase in blood pressure is the gain in weight of an individual. If one reduces or maintains his/her weight then this minimises the chances of incresing the blood pressure. I sometimes skip my dinner to reduce weight. This helps me with my weight-loss programme!!
• India
12 Jul 07
Blood is circulating in the body through heart. Heart is nothing but two stage pump.When there is any obstruction in the pipeline due to blockage or any other reason, the flow of blood will disturbed and creating pressure. It is very simple.Because heart -the pump is working continually.If the hurdle in vain is too much, the increase of pressure will demage the pump and it will collapse, which we told heart attack.
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• Israel
26 Jun 07
this is a good question i want to know know how and why :x