Do you believe in the 3 second rule?

United States
June 25, 2007 11:38pm CST
My daughter informed me of the 3 second rule the other day when I dropped a piece of chicken on the floor?You know the one that says you can still eat the food after only a couple of seconds.Of course I didn't eat it.I've never believed in that rule.Just about anything can contaminate what you drop on the floor.
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1 Jul 07
all sorts of crap is on the dog will eat it for me anyways...i've never eaten anything from the floor or that has been near the floor... and i never will :X
• New Zealand
26 Jun 07
I heard that in primary, never believed it. Germs get on the food the moment it hits the ground. If I drop some food on the kitchen table I may still eat it, but if it touches the floor it goes straight into the bin. Or if it's bread for example I might just tear off the part that hit the floor.
• Australia
26 Jun 07
Lol For me, the *3 second rule* depends more on what I am eating, where I dropped it, and if anything stuck! Lol As for kids, I never really fussed if they dropped something on the floor, as long as it wasn't covered in anything grotty, they still ate it. Think about it...your chil will put EVERYTHING in their mouths, their toys are on the floor, they crawl then put their mouths in their hands... Being to fanatical with germs and such is silly. Of course you need to be careful, but at a realistic level. Also, we call it the 5 second rule, gives us longer to pick it up! Lol