how can I show my daughter how important she is to me?

Las Pinas City, Philippines
June 26, 2007 12:11am CST
My daughter and I were separated for 3 years. It was too much for me during that time. I was depressed and devastated. Knowing she would stay there for good. Her father told me that she would only be staying there for a vacation but I guess..i was tricked. Now, my mom helped me bring her back. Since then, I've forgotten how to react in such situations . I'm afraid to hurt her feelings. She said, her stay there was not at all so nice. She never felt she was part of the family . staying with her dad, step mom and siblings.
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• Philippines
26 Jun 07
All you have to do is to know what's her likes and dislikes. Show to her how much you miss and love her that you want to spend your life with her. Just be at yourself and hang out like just friends. Because i believe that mom and daughters bonding is really the best of all things.
@sreevasu (2717)
• India
26 Jun 07
Since you haven't mentioned any reason for the separation, nor her age how can I suggest anything. If you could communicate with her you can tell her that you love her so much even though she is not with you now. You can send her gifts and make her feel that you care her, you want her.. Best of luck, friend.
• United States
26 Jun 07
Wow that is seriously a crazy situation. Why didnt you call the police as soon as she was taken from you....well I dont know the entire situation so I cant really commment on that though. To show your daughter that you love her, you can do a couple of different things. Depending on her age you can do a couple of activities together that she enjoys. Maybe you could take her shopping or something. Or when you go grocery shopping let her pick the items....I dont really know but I always liked it when my mom did those types of things for me. Cheers!