Tried another recipe by Devin Alexander from Healthy Decadence

Hand-cut fries by Devin Alexander - Hand-cut fries by Devin Alexander. Find the recipe on the Discovery Health website. Highly recommend & very tasty!
United States
June 26, 2007 12:40am CST
Like I said in my last post about this, I am a new fan of hers. Her recipes sound really good and tasty, even though they are all low-fat & lower calorie than other foods. Tonight we had her "hand-cut fries." Very delicious. You par-broil the potatoes, let them cool off for 5 minutes, mix them with a very small amount of olive oil & salt, then bake for about 24 minutes. They were very, very tasty. I didn't hold out much hope, as I love to eat the deep-fried frenchfries. These were even tastier though. Probably because it uses olive oil, which has a better flavor than regular vegetable oil. Has anyone else tried her foods? I'd like to know what else is good. Here is the link to the Hand-cut fries: I highly recommend her recipes. They are delicious & healthy!
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