Chocolate linked to low blood pressure

@mari123 (1862)
June 26, 2007 3:25am CST
Eating dark chocolate may be almost as effective at lowering blood pressure as taking the most common anti-hypertensive drugs, a review of studies has found. Tea, on the other hand, appears to be ineffective. The article says a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is healthy partly because plants contain chemical substances called polyphenols that help control blood pressure. From more than 3,000 papers, researchers picked the largest randomized and controlled prospective studies and used statistical techniques to combine the data. It appears in the April 9 issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine.
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@disvachic (10120)
• United States
26 Jun 07
I've heard that before about chocolate.I dont have high blood pressure but it does run in my family.Far as the tea i drink green tea because its healthy and gives me energy and helps keep the weight off.
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
26 Jun 07
i have also heard that green tea can keep blood pressure down too, but we only drink coffee in this house and I dont think this is good for you at all blessed be
@balasri (26549)
• India
26 Jun 07
A sweet news indeed.I love chocolates and that too dark chocolates.And I am hypertensive.Who says there is no God.
@ackars (1942)
• India
26 Jun 07
Its a good information for me which I never thought of.I will surely check it out in the Archives of Internal Medicine.Is there any links through which I can read about this online??
@angela2006 (1846)
• China
26 Jun 07
is it true?but I do not have too much money to buy dark chocolate and I do not eat chocolate for a long time.nowadays high blood pressure is commen in our life,thank you for your good posts.