Overall, which kind of man do you think most people are more impressed by:

@ezzrssi (11192)
June 26, 2007 4:05am CST
one who doesn't make a lot of money but can do his own handiwork, or one isn't very handy but doesn't need to be because he earns enough money to pay others to do the work for him?
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26 Jun 07
As unfortunate as it is, I think people most admire the wealthy people in society. Money and status have become so important these days, that rich people have become like idols to some people, and wealth is what we are all striving towards. However, I think admiration has to be given to someone who can do his own handiwork, as the trades are dying out in todays society. It takes a lot of skill and craftsmanship to do some tasks like carpentry and plumbing and so on, but these people are often just seen as skivvies, manual workers, and often are mistaken for not being very intelligent. My dad is one of the most intelligent people I know. He started learning labour work when he was 14, and he built a coal-shed in his own back yard. He went on to learn all trades, and now he can put his hand to just about any job and get great results - he has done all the DIY in my house, and we have never had to pay anyone to do this for us. The great thing is, my dad is now a wealthy man. He works for the Royal Mint, He has been a senior manager there for almost ten years now, earning great money, and this year he has been promoted and awarded the title 'the Queen's Assay Master' - which means he must control the quality of metal used in coins for the whole of the UK... so even though my dad earns enough money to pay others to do handiwork for him, he still chooses to do the work himself - a man like this impresses me most, because he's still got his feet firmly on the ground :o)