how do you talk to your daughter regarding boys?

Las Pinas City, Philippines
June 26, 2007 5:37am CST
I used to be a single mother. My first marriage did not work out. Now, I'm afraid that my daughter will make the same mistakes I did. I want to have a good conversation with her without hurting her feelings. And by saying the right words...
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• United States
15 Oct 07
I tell her that they are evil. Boys are devious and will do or say ANYTHING to impress a girl. People say that girls mature faster than boys but they sure to fall for a line of BS easy when it comes to boys.
• United States
26 Jun 07
When ever my mom needs to talk to me I can always tell because she approaches situations the wrong way. She makes me nervous by saying "we need to talk," making me think I did something wrong. All you really need to do is approach the situation casually but carefully, and be empathetic about it. Keep in mind "how would I react if my mother had said this to me?" Think your words out before you say them, if she interprets them the wrong way, just simply state that that wasn't what you meant and try rewording what you said. Also, if you're still unsure about the words to use, just let her know in the beginning of the conversation.
• India
26 Jun 07
you have to be a friend to her more than a mother to discuss certain things. so try talking to her like a friend and explain her what you went through. tell her how you feel and what you feel about her now. i am sure she will understand.