highest earning per post

United States
June 26, 2007 8:38am CST
What is the highest amount of money you have earned for one post on MyLot? I have never earned more than $0.02. Is that about average? Are there ways to increase your earnings per post?
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@Corezz (1016)
• Netherlands Antilles
26 Jun 07
Yeah I think that's it. You get 0.02 per post . But I think that happend to me when I was a starter just like you. I remeber I gained more in that period then I'm makeing now. Uploading pictures into discussions is another way to make money from.
@orfeo1 (102)
• Chile
26 Jun 07
i don't know the earning per post, by i know that only be can do, is post in everything... more post, more earnings :D
@Paginer2 (156)
• Argentina
26 Jun 07
hello cotton how are you? greets from Argentina.. well, i understand you im new too and you must start post more answers and questions, upload photos too.. more posting, more earing.. well i hope you understand me, good bye, good look my friend.
@vivienna (583)
• Venezuela
26 Jun 07
I'm not sure about the earning per post, whether it is 0,02, more or less. I understood from the myLot F&Q that post get points according to an elaborate system of evaluation, taking notice of: length, expressions, orthography (sic!). I'm ignorant if your rating plays a part, too. So this evaluation system seem a very high-brow sort of computer program, but then, the only promise you get when signing up is that you will get paid, and myLot does pay, according to those who have a claim. How much? That's difficult to say. My highest income on a single day was, I think, $0,49 but then, I don't have much time to spend on posting, although I'd like to.