WHAT is WRONG with this place?!?!?!?!?!?!?

@unithorn (193)
United States
June 26, 2007 9:30am CST
I've been floating around MyLot for some time now. I don't post too often, but I read many of the discussions. And now, I reveal to you, the Catch-22 of the site: This is a site COMPLETELY dedicated to discussions, debates, and poorly-made eBay ads. We post here WANTING the thoughts and opinions of others. Some seek a fresh perspective, others a sympathetic ear, other still direct contradiction. A lovely element is that in most topics, you will see all three. However, when someone uses a word that offends, or that is passionate about their view in a comment that directly opposes the opinion of whoever began the discussion...people get edgy, even more rude, start crying, or (perhaps worst of all) lose focus and interest in the TOPIC and either leave it or focus on the unnecessary DRAMA. So...if you are going to get upset about opposing responses, why post? Why not read them, and if you don't agree, simply say something generic, such as: "Hmm...never looked at it that way before. Can't say I agree, but thanks for a new point of view"....and THERE. You have not only handled a situation gracefully, but also thanked the other person for contributing, even if you don't agree. And, as an extra bonus to the whole "conversing" thing - if you want to know more about someone's opinion (even if it's NOT the same as yours)...you can ASK! And NOT be defensive OR aggressive about it. Oi... The best discussions are that with actual thought put into them, that tap into the hearts and minds of the people involved. If you don't want to see a full spectrum, start a blog (as suggested by a wise someone in the discussion that inspired me to start this one)...and let your friends kiss your backside. People don't need to go out of their way to be offensive around here, but at the same time, people need to grow up and quit being so uptight...if you are the type that is easily bothered, perhaps you should "rise above" and not respond at all, seeing as that you have deemed yourself a member of the PC police. Oi! If you don't want a full discussion, QUIT POSTING ON A WEBSITE DEDICATED TO DISCUSSION Perhaps we should create little labels to go in the titles... FSFM - Feel Sorry For Me IAR - I'm Always Right WARD - Wants a Real Discussion AOW - All Opinion's Welcome Just some starters. Let's grow up or go home, shall we?
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• Philippines
28 Jun 07
you've got a point my friend... i also agree that there are people here who gets edgy and so when they respond to discussions they are so rude that they end up using offensive words or statements directed towards the person whom they believe have offended them in one way or another. i also noticed that while this is supposed to be a website dedicated to discussion, there are good discussions that have not been responded to. and as i have observed, most of these good discussions that have not been responded to are those that are lengthy. i assume that their are people here at myLot who actually choose the shorter posts so that they could respond to as many as they can to rake in the digit$.
@eashoor (307)
• Canada
26 Jun 07
Agreed and you to raise a good discussion point.