If you have twin babies...

United States
June 26, 2007 3:59pm CST
Even if they are not identical, did you or do you still dress them alike? I do dress my girls alike and will continue to do so until they can speak and say, "No more Mommy." How about you and your twins?
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
29 Jun 07
I don't have twins myself but we have un-identical twin nieces & i have never seen them in matching clothes. I think it's important to dress them differently since they are very different people, whether they are only young or not. When i buy them things, i get similar stuff but not identical & i always get 1 in pink & the other one in purple or blue. I have never heard them or their mother complain so i'll continue to treat them as individuals - unless they get the urge to dress alike, then i might consider it.
@shestalou (293)
• Canada
27 Jun 07
I have twins of different gender, when they were first born I did the pink and blue thing but after a couple of months I never dressed them alike, now my sister in law has twin girl that are identical she always dresses them the same or same outfit different colour, the only problem I have with that I can never tell which one is whick, lol.
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@re08dz (1941)
• Australia
26 Jun 07
Other than occasionally when my twins were very little (and that was never really intentional) I didn't dress mine the same. While they are in no way the same in looks their personalities are also completely different so it wasn't long before I'd have one telling me there is no way she would wear a dress etc :-)
@3lilangels (4639)
• United States
24 Jul 07
i have boy/girl twins they are 25 months old,and i also have a 36 month old.i never dressed my twins alike because they have their own personalities and especially now the girl likes to wear her dora dresses and stuff,and wouldnt want to put dora on my son lol.but if they are identical i think its cut to do when young,but once they turn around 1 they know what they like to wear.its very rough having twins and especially 3 kids and only 10.5 months apart.
@laydee (12811)
• Philippines
21 Jul 07
I don't have kids yet, but I'd like to have twins though. It's just cute, but I hope I could take good care of them both at the same time. No favoritisms or something. Plus I wish I wouldn't be too drained afterwards. How do you guys take care of them. It's difficult enough to take care of a child , how much more 2 at the same time? =) Here's a joke to keep things light: There were three fathers to be in a hospital waiting room, waiting for their babies to be born. The first nurse comes out and tells the first father, "Congratulations you're the father of twins!" He says, “Great! I am the manager for the Minnesota Twins.” The second nurse comes out and tells the second father, "Congratulations you're the father of triplets”! He says, "That's cool! I work for 3M." The third father opens the window and jumps out. The third nurse comes out, and asks, “Where's the third father?" One of the other fathers said, "Oh he jumped out the window.” The nurse asks, "Why?" He replied, "He works for Seven Up!" =)
@shadjee1 (604)
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
well lucky you, i wish i had twins. but if i have one even if they are not identical, i wont probably have them dressed the same. not unless there are special occasions like their birthday.
@aretha (2538)
• United States
26 Jun 07
i don't have twins but i think it is so cute when you see twins and they are dressed alike. when they are little. a freind of mine has twin boys and dresses them in the same outfits but in different colors and i think its to cute. my sister in law has 2 boys one is 7 and the other in 6 and they look nothing a like and are no where near the same size and she dresses them alike all the time and it drives me nuts.