Genius at Work

June 27, 2007 1:14am CST
Henry Ford didn't always pay attention in school.One day,he and a friend took a watch apart. Angry and upset, the teacher told him both to stay after school. Their punishment was to stay until they had fixed the watch. But the teacher did not know young Ford's genius.In ten minutes, this mechanical wizard had repaired the watch and was on this way home.... Ford was always interested in how things worked. He once plugged up the spout of a teapot and placed it on the fire. Then he waited to see what would happen. The wate boiled and, of course, turned to steam. Since the steam had no way to escape, the teapot exploded. The explosion cracked a mirror and broke a window. The young inventor was bally scalded Ford's year of curiosity and tinkeing paid off. He dreamed of a horseless carriage.When he built one, the world of transportation was changed forever.
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