Can U make a story instantly to tell your kid?

@cmsk2005 (1770)
United States
June 27, 2007 3:13am CST
hey Sometime the kids get so bad for a story but say u can remember one, then can U make instatly to tell them a story? I try this always and the most funny thing is that I start very seriously and the after sometime I notice that I cant find the end of that finalyy it gets so bad and I just end up anyway I can.....
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• Philippines
27 Jun 07
Awww. I found this so amusing because I am the same way too with my own child. The thing is I am terribly lacking in the creative department. I has been years since I last wrote so making up stories in an instant is so difficult for me. I do find, though, the sometimes my daughter just likes to listen to me talking then dozes off to sleep. Or you can try asking your child to fill in the blanks while you tell a story. That way, you can just take it from there. :) Me, I just try to remember all those cartoons, fables, and fairy tales I've read or watched then tell those to my daughter.
@cmsk2005 (1770)
• United States
27 Jun 07
hahah....this is real fun, isn't it? My condition is just like yours and sometime I laugh by myself listening my own story is messing up everything .....still the kids enjoy...may be they just want to listen whatever it is...
• India
28 Nov 07
I think i can do that very well,infact i have cousin of mine who is in kindergarten now.every year he comes to my home during vacation and sleeps with me.befor his sleep he asks me to narrate a story and every time i cook up something narrate it to would be really wild and meaningless ,but its enough for him and by the time i finish the story he would be fast asleep.
@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
28 Nov 07
Having worked with children for three years I find it easy to come out with a story at the top of my head, probably because I've got such a good imagination and I myself love fantasy. I can also do the voices too which enthrall the children. I love reading time at nursery especially and I don't need books to tell a good story!
@eden_shii (508)
• Australia
28 Nov 07
i don't have kids but i have younger parents are usually not with us at night and my youngest sister always requests me to tell a story... not to boost, but i can make a story instantly...and i use my sisters as the character (but i just change their names) youngest sister would prefer me to tell suspense and horror stories...i mean, i always love to tell stories... there was one time that my sister (next to me), asked me to make a script for their play (because i always tell them stories) i made one...and they won.. the bad thing about me telling stories (verbally) is i can make a story in an instant but i can only tell it sisters are the one's who remembers the stories i told them and would recall it to me...