If you have a child, do you think he/she should have a cellphone already?

baby using cellphone - Babies are not allowed to use cellphone yet ;)
@maybel13 (205)
June 27, 2007 5:45am CST
Would you allow your child to use a cellphone already at age of lets say, 10-12? Why or why not? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this? If so, should she/he keep it in school?I personally, do not agree that kids needs a cellphone.. for me, at a young age, its just a luxury although it could also be a convenience to parents in a way that they can call their child especially during emergencies, but can also be a distration in school. Maybe in the right age.
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@paulsy (1263)
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
My 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son both have cellphones of their own. We provided these cellphones since they both take public transportation going and coming home from school everyday. These cellphones are our way to keep in touch with them no matter where they may be. We are aware, though, that they will also be using these cellphones for texting their friends. That's alright with us, but we have rules. These cellphones should be available anytime we want to call them up or anytime we text a message to them. They should be able to respond to us immediately. Except, of course, during their schools hours. If they fail to respond to us or answer our calls, their cellphones are confiscated. And, since we provide for their daily allowance, we also expect them to be able to subsidize their own cellphone expenses. The kids have actually been responsible with their cellphones. I think this kind of empowerment teaches them to become more responsible not only with their cellphones, but also with other things that we buy for them.
@sunshine4 (8703)
• United States
27 Jun 07
I will let my 12 yr old son borrow my cell phone only when he is going to need a ride home from a sporting event. This way he can call me when the bus gets into town. Other than that, I had my other boys wait until they could pay for their own cell phone bill. My 15 yr old got the cell phone for Christmas and I gave him 2 months free. After the 2nd month, if he decided he wanted to keep it, he started paying the bill. He did. I feel that they are much more responsible with cell phones if they are the person paying for it. My son does bring his to school, but doesn't have it turned on. He uses it to call me after school when he is done wrestling or working out and needs a ride home. I also like the fact that when he is out with his friends, I can contact him at any time.
@raj0019 (2623)
• Argentina
27 Jun 07
No way! I will not allow them to carry a mobile phone at until they finish their school, just because i feel they don't need it at that time.
@rapolu_cs (1184)
• India
27 Jun 07
No i dont like children using the cell phones at very young age as it would spoil them in every manner and i would the way if they buy in their earning age which would help them in every respect of their life that to with their own earned money.