What do you remember after a break-up? The love or the hatred??

@maybel13 (205)
June 27, 2007 8:45am CST
All of us get into a relationship because we feel euphoric love for our partner. We love whatever our partner does. That love makes us feel very good. We experience great joy and feel special. All these changes over a period of time for some of you. First you begin finding mistakes in each other. Then you blame each other for small things. You blame each other for not caring. You start doubting if he/she was the same person you loved. Slowly this takes form of hatred. You begin to hate each other. You cannot bear to live together and break-up. Now, you have two memories. The first is that of love that brought you together and the second is that of the hatred that pulled you apart. What do most of you remember after the break up? For me it is the hatred that is most remebered. But wny not remeber the love so you suffer less after the break-up isn't it?
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@chenee08 (591)
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
it really depends on how the partners broke up.
@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
27 Jun 07
I was so manipulated by my last bf that I in the beginning (even if i broke it off) was crushed. I could only see all his good sides and none of the bad, but as time went by i started to see him for what he really was and i started to see all the bad things about him. TODAY a few years later I do not like him, however I was with him for 4 years so I try to think of the good things as well as the bad.
@unithorn (193)
• United States
27 Jun 07
It's funny - I spent nearly three years (which is a long time at the age...16-19) with a guy that I ended up living with and moving to another state with...and I barely remember any of it. Our breakup was drawn out and nasty, but allthewhile, I can't say that I hated him more or less than I ever did. I guess that after we FINALLY declared it as "over", I allowed myself to stop pushing the red flags and things that I disliked about him out of my mind. We often try to look past flaws when we have emotions, but sometimes those flaws will come back to hurt you if you don't realize them sooner than later. And what's strange is that now, I'm 21, and I can barely remember the sound of his voice. I can't remember what he smelled like, or ANY of the little moments that you tell yourself you will remember forever, regardless of what happens...I just can't conjure him into my mind. When I stumble across a picture of us on random occasion, it takes me a second to realize who he is, why I know him, how well I thought I knew him. What's funny is that all of my other exes and I are still friends, or at least on very good terms (if it's someone I just never find time to communicate with). Hell, I'm engaged to an ex now...we'd just needed to grow a bit and experience more things... All's well that ends well, yeah?